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Welcome to Zap_Paintball


An exciting and crazy journey is about to begin. Divide into groups to compete to win fierce battles and attack the enemy's territory.


Company Profile

We are residents of the Miasa area in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, and have launched Mima Development Co., Ltd. with the aim of revitalizing the region and creating employment. The company started by operating a paintball field, and has since built a comprehensive sports and leisure facility with campsites, fishing ponds, oriental T-rings, barbecue sites, etc., and has been working to achieve sustainable business (SDGs).
This area is located along the prefectural road Nagano Omachi Line No. 31 and the prefectural road Mima Hakuba Line No. 33, and is located at the entrance from the Nagano area to Omachi/Hakuba. In the winter, skiers come to Hakuba Otari, and in the summer, tourists come from the Nagano area to Kurobe Dam in Omachi City. Also. Skiers come in from both Matsumoto and Hakuba as a back road. Recently, Hakuba has become an outdoor area with an increasing number of facilities, attracting tourists and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. We will bring some of those customers into our area.

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